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Total equity as of December is million pounds. Based in KhartoumKhartoum Bank has 1, employeeswith more than 70 branch and the largest ATM network and deposit at more than sites. Bank of Khartoum, the first Bank in Sudan Presents a package of financial products and services to the customers since Years.

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This leads the bank to provide the customers with best banking services. We are supporting poverty alleviation and reduce the suffering of the Sudan poorest and marginalized people to start their own micro Businesses.

Bank of Khartoum is also providing special offers for Non-Resident Sudanese who are living abroad. You will receive an SMS instantly with your temporary Password to login the app. For assistance please send an email to support bok. Add Biller This feature can help you add and save your payment company information for future regular payments. This way you do not have to remember or enter your mobile, meter or account number every time you want to pay. Transfer funds instantly to your or any other BOK bank account, to other Bank Account by cardto cash card or even any BOK mobile money or other mobile money account.

You can also save the details of the beneficiary for future transfers by using the Add Beneficiary option on the transaction completion screen. Note: Your password must have: 8 or more characters, upper and lower letters, at least one number and one special character. If you outside Sudan you need to Download the form fill it and Send it with a Copy of passport to bank of Khartoum at P.

BOX Correspondent Bank. Personal Banking service Bank of Khartoum, the first Bank in Sudan Presents a package of financial products and services to the customers since Years.

Mubasher — Call Center. Micro finance We are supporting poverty alleviation and reduce the suffering of the Sudan poorest and marginalized people to start their own micro Businesses. Financing Education Finance.

Exchange money. Secure your account and stay informed for every transaction via instant SMS for all transactions done. You can transfer up to SDG 2, daily basis.

Save Funds Transfer or Bill Payment beneficiaries for frequent transfers and payments. Instantly create Fixed Term Deposit account and enjoy one of the highest profit rates up to Available in Arabic and English language.

It is safe, instant and secure. Check confirmation screen showing details of the Merchant. Enter the Amount. Click Confirm to complete the transaction. Both customer and Merchant will receive instant confirmation SMS of the successful payment made.

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Bill Payment. Medical Supplies. Imperial University College.CMBOK is an online resource tool developed by the Commission for Case Manager Certification the Commission for all case managers and other health care professionals across all practice settings. The Commission is a thought leader in case management and is well known for its certification examination. Detailed, comprehensive knowledge across essential case management domains. Flow charts and diagrams to illuminate the case management process.

Now includes 59 post-tests and continuing education credits at no extra cost! AstraZeneca introduces the Diabetes Case Manager Toolkit which focuses on the effects, treatments, and complications of diabetes for the Case Manager, Caregiver and the Patient. Each page is useful information on lifestyle management, disease progression, and comorbidities - all specifically for diabetes. The newest knowledge domains include three 3 sections on Workers' Compensation. The subdomains are as follows:. Back to Top.

Do you manage or train case managers? Call us at for a group discount for five or more subscriptions. Highlights Now available: Social Determinants of Health.

Psychosocial Aspects of Care now includes this subdomain. Check it out! Now available: Workers' Compensation.MBO Partners makes it easier for enterprises and top independent professionals to work together, delivering innovative solutions that enable both organizations and talent to thrive in the independent economy.

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We empower both sides of the independent workforce economy by creating a bridge between independent professionals and enterprise organizations. Our innovative solutions are informed by the real needs of the enterprise organizations and independent professionals we support, and are optimized to fuel their growth and success. We're committed to delivering new ideas that challenge workforce norms and keep the independent economy moving forward.

The MBO marketplace advances the next way of working by giving both independents and enterprises a leg up on the competition. Post or apply to top independent consulting projects. Build and manage a strategic workforce program designed to seamlessly attract, engage, and re-engage top independents—all from a single point of entry.

Learn More. MBO's platform provides solutions to deliver the results you want from an independent talent engagement program — minimized risk, reduced cost, increased efficiency and increased ROI.

Attract qualified independent professionals, post projects, and build your own network of vetted talent from one centralized platform. Attract enterprise-level projects, scale your business, and achieve your career goals with step-by-step guidance through the constantly changing independent market.

MBO's platform allows you to find work and onboard faster with large enterprises and provides solutions and support throughout your entire client engagement experience. MBO Partners delivers solutions that make it safer and easier for enterprise organizations and top independent professionals to work together.

Through its proprietary platform, MBO has built a comprehensive workforce platform and ecosystem that fuels both sides of the independent economy. MBO strengthens relationships, minimizes risk, and maximizes value for its clients. Its unmatched experience and industry leadership enable it to operate on the forefront of the independent economy and consistently advance the next way of working. Learn more about the CARES act and what this means for the 41 million workers around America that today consider themselves to be self-employed, freelancers, and independent workers.

Learn about the 5 key trends that have emerged from the study of the independent workforce in America - the State of Independence. Our research finds that full-time independents are a persistent and tech-savvy core of the independent workforce.

Innovation within the American workplace has outpaced the evolution of laws and rules, creating regulatory gaps on issues ranging from independent contractor compliance to guaranteed worker protections. MBO has proposed a modern solution—the Certified Self-Employed worker CSE —to address these issues and remove the risks associated with hiring independent talent. Sign Up Today! Laws, tests, and definitions of what differentiates independent contractors from employees are full of nuances and exceptions.

With the constant small tweaks and adjustments to laws and varying tests from different government agencies, it can be difficult to keep things straight.

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Learn how to write a Scope of Work for consulting services and 8 items that should be included. Our State of Independence in America research is the longest-running and most robust research report on the independent economy. Conducted annually sinceour report includes analysis of more than 21, in-depth surveys from independent workers.

Read the State of Independence Today.We couldn't have picked better accommodations if we had tried to plan it on our own. Even the rental car company was easy to work with and helpful. I would highly recommend Nordic Visitor to family and friends. The accommodations booked were of excellent quality and very conveniently located to the train stations and the city's attractions.

The staff at every hotel was wonderful - very helpful, able to communicate in English. The trains and buses were punctual, clean and comfortable.

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A very positive experience. We had a wonderful trip. The highlights were definitely the Pulpit Rock an Kjerag mountain hikes. I would highly recommend them to your customers. We recently spent a week in Iceland based in Reykjavik, including a three day self drive tour along the South coast fully arranged by the Nordic Visitor centre.

The tour was well organised by the staff at Nordic Visitor Centre. Everything was easy and smooth. Our only regret is that we did not spend enough time in the country.

There is so much more to see. We want to go back again for at least two weeks so we can tour the whole amazing country. We had taken 9 days group tour as a part our 25th Wedding anniversary celebration. It was very wonderfull experience. They managed bookin and tour in top class professionla way right from the booking to execution.

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All the hotels were clean and very managed with top quality food. Only negative was Bathrooms are small (I guess that is the case in most of the European hotels especially 3 star category). The selection of places to visit the explaination of history as well as stories around the places we visited was facinating. We have seen some of the most beutiful placeswater falls, glaciers, country side, mountains, lavas etc in this tour making it a very memorable 25th wedding anniversary celebrations for us.

Everything was perfectly organised and the entire trip went off without a hitch. The tips and suggestions given to us by Alexandra were very beneficial. A well organised and professional organisation with very a helpful agent.Publicly ask your customers to contact you directly so that you can discuss the problem. Show them that you are willing to do all you can to rectify the problem. This will build your customers trust and often sets you apart from your competitors.

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Even if someone else comes across the review, it will be noted that you had tried to resolve the problem the earliest. Try to make the process of reviewing your product or service as easy and quick as possible, so that your products and services receive more ratings and attract more reviews. Customers should never feel burdened while filling in your review forms. A blog published at Kissmetrics.

In addition, it makes sense to make such forms as fun as possible. You can use an online review platform that sends automated review request emails when customers buy from you. You could also go for a short survey on your website or a quick poll on Facebook to know about your customers. For instance, FitBit conducted a quick poll to draw in traffic to its site. With the content overload on the web, it is difficult to regularly create content that will engage and entertain people equally.

This is where it pays to make your customers your brand ambassadors. By having a group of customers as your brand ambassadors, you can easily break through with an authentic voice because it will sound different, genuine and most importantly real.

There can be customers who run an entire blog on your site, or one or more customers could be in charge of tweeting and posting stories relevant to your product.

An article on socialmediaexaminer. Review sites are basically local directories that allow people to share their experience about various businesses and brands. On searching a particular name of a business or product, visitors get reviews and ratings along with the listing. It is an easy way for customers to know what other people think about your brand and business. There are several popular review sites such as Yelp, Review Center and Trust Pilot. So, create an account on all these sites and use it to make you look better.The bet may not remain in prison on consecutive spins -- a second consecutive 0 makes the bet a loser.

This is a very favorable rule for the player, and one that is rare in the United States. Columns: Wagers on any of the three columns on the grid pay 2-1. Because the grid is arranged in 12 rows of three consecutive numbers (1-2-3 is the first row, 4-5-6 the second, and so on), each number in a column is three higher than the one before.

Single number: Bets on individual numbers, including 0 and 00, are placed by putting a chip or chips fully inside a numbered box. If a single-number bet hits, it pays 35-1. Make a split bet by placing a chip so that it straddles the line between two numbers. Street: A three-number bet, paying 11-1, is made by placing a chip on the line separating outside bets from the inside, indicating a row of three consecutive numbers. Corner: A chip is placed at the intersection of a horizontal line with a vertical line inside the layout.

This indicates a bet on the four adjacent numbers, and it pays 8-1. Five-number: For the worst bet on the table, place a chip so that it lies on the line separating the inside from the outside, while straddling the horizontal line between 0-00 and 1-2-3. This bet pays 6-1 and carries a 7.

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The five-number bet does not exist on the French wheel because of the absence of 00. Double street: Just as on the street bet, place a chip on the line separating the outside from the inside, but let it straddle the horizontal line between two rows.

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That gives you six numbers in two consecutive three-number rows, and the bet pays 5-1. Special note: Watch for your payoffs. On winning inside bets, most dealers will push the winnings to you but leave the original bet in place. After the dealer has finished payoffs and is ready for the next round of bets, it is up to you to move the original bet if you do not want to make the same wager.

Some dealers will leave the winnings on the layout, and if you do not wish to bet it all on the next spin, you must remove it. It is common for the dealer to leave the winnings on outside bets next to the original bet. It is up to you to move the chips when the dealer is ready.

They include single number (4), split (5 and 6), streeet (1,2,3), corner (2,3,5,6), five-number (0,00,1,2,3) and double street (1,2,3,4,5,6) bets. Helpful information on the advertising rules and examples of previously published ASA rulings based upon topics, issues and media channels.

From their favourite team in the Champions League to the horse with the best track record at Cheltenham races, consumers are understandably keen to back the winner when placing a bet.I called Larus and within 20 minutes we had a new one and were on our way. While we never had another issue, we knew if we did, it would be solved quickly and easily. The information provided -- a road map with our suggested driving route, hotels and points-of-interest highlighted was invaluable.

The guide book with suggested stops and information about every stop was excellent. We chose the "mid-range" accomodations -- they were all lovely and unique. The amount of driving each day perfectly matched what sights were in the area. We never felt rushed to get to the next stop and never felt like we had too much time. I am a planner and I could not have planned a better trip. We had the freedom of a self-drive, but the support and coordination of someone who knew the country.

As someone who has been to Iceland many, many time (mainly for work) it is great to see how a local firm can be so much better than booking anything else. Usually I do self booking for everything, however I was finding great difficulty putting together a trip where all the hotels have availability for the dates we wanted. My wife found Nordic Visitor and we contacted them. The request was something along the lines of "we want the full circle, however we want to do it in reverse, and we want to specifically at this hotel, etc.

Within 10 days they (Alexandra) had managed to do everything we wanted and the price was very reasonable (Iceland has never been cheap, but it more affordable now than it was 20 years ago when I first started going there). Everything from the initial pick up at the airport, through to hire car, hotel bookings, literally everything ran smoothly without any problems whatsoever.

During the planning stages, Kolbrun was extremely helpful, answering all of our questions by email quickly and fully.

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The fjord region is absolutely beautiful and I think it important to actually drive the region to really appreciate it. Again, we always knew that Kolbrun was there to help us if we needed it and we thank you for her services. Exceptional service from Nordic Visitor from start to end. Had a fantastic time in Iceland and can't wait to be back.

All of the hotels were very nice.

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Rooms were adequate and clean. Breakfast was served at every hotel, which was very nice. Probably the best thing I've ever done. Amazing feeling being up on the glacier. Incidentally, we mistakenly took the closed road to get to the tour, got stuck in snow, and the Tour Guide pulled us out and escorted us to where we should have been.

Jelena was fantastic to work with. We had a lot of communication prior to the trip, she was very responsive to my questions and requests. We were able to book everything as we wanted it -- and during the trip we decided to change a few of our hotel stays and that was no problem at all.

I loved the flexibility of the trip and the self-drive aspect. We were able to enjoy a trip of a lifetime with no worries.